CVI Clinic

CVI Clinic

Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) is a brain-based visual impairment due to damage to the neural pathways or visual processing center of the brain.  CVI is now the leading cause of pediatric visual impairment in the U.S. and is the only type of visual impairment that CAN and SHOULD improve with proper interventions.  Improvement is possible because of neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to develop new neural pathways and to repair broken pathways with targeted, personalized  interventions.  The optimal time for neuroplasticity is simply, “as soon as possible”.  There is always hope for improvement when appropriate, targeted interventions are made!  A child with CVI can progress on the CVI Range from very limited visual functioning to much increased visual functioning with appropriate interventions and opportunities.

The first step in determining a program for a child with CVI is the “CVI Range”, conducted by a Perkins-Roman CVI Endorsed Professional.  The CVI Range is a Functional Vision Assessment that assesses the 10 unique visual/behavioral characteristics of CVI and determines the degree to which the child is affected by CVI.  The CVI Range can be performed in a variety of environments, including the child’s home, school or in a clinic setting.

Equal Eyes Vision Services is proud to announce the opening of the first CVI Clinic in North Carolina.  Kimberly Hudson, Director of Equal Eyes Vision Services, is one of a handful of Perkins-Roman CVI Endorsed Professionals in the country.  Children with diagnosed, or suspected CVI, are evaluated in the CVI Clinic with the parent during a thorough evaluation process.  A CVI Range score and a comprehensive report that outlines the child’s present level of visual functioning with targeted interventions and accommodations that will help to increase visual functioning are provided.

Equal Eyes CVI Clinic is committed to being a resource for families with CVI, by providing a unique and customized experience that will help children achieve their visual potential and increase opportunities for success in life.

For more information on the CVI Clinic Assessment process, or to schedule and appointment, please call our office at 919-480-8800.  The CVI Clinic is located in Apex, NC and accepts appointments year-round.