Perkins Brailler Repair

Perkins Brailler Repair




Fast, Affordable, Easy

Classic Perkins Brailer Repair

Do you have a broken brailler currently being used as a door stop or paper weight? Are you looking for quality service and maintenance care for your best-loved braillers? Do you have a brailler on “life support” in need of resurrecting?

Our Brailler Repair Department provides fast, affordable and easy brailler repair!  We’ll fix your broken brailler  or give it a tune-up (oil and clean) to keep your beloved brailler working like new for just $125 (minor parts included).

If you’ve just pulled your brailler out of a dusty corner and  don’t know what is going wrong with it, a complete diagnostic assessment is available for $15 extra.

Simply download our Perkins Brailler Repair Form and Brailler Repair Shipping Instructions, follow the directions and ship your brailler(s) to us for quality repair.

Braillers are typically in our shop for 14 days or less, but may be expedited upon request for an additional $25, shipped FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND.

Let Equal Eyes Vision Services be your one-stop shop for Fast, Affordable, and Easy Perkins brailler repair!  Every repair comes with a 30-day quality workmanship guarantee!

  • If you have large volumes of braillers in need of repair, give us a call, so that we can discuss possible pick-up.