Why Contract?

Why Contract?

Many school systems and agencies across North Carolina use contract services to meet their VI and O&M needs.  Why?

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  • VI is a low-incidence field, with limited service providers available regionally.
  • Needs may be minimal and do not require a full-time employee… perhaps only a few hours a week, or a month.
  • Current VI staff may benefit from consultation and/or training.
  • Outside, third-party recommendations/consultation can provide value to the school system.
  • No need to pay salary, benefits, insurance and Workman’s Compensation to a contractor.
  • Individuals and families benefit from private training in the home for Daily Living Skills, Technology, VI Specific Tutoring, etc.
  • School systems may need to provide compensatory time to a student after school or on weekends.
  • Businesses may require on-the-job VI specific training for employees with visual needs.
  • Students enrolled in private school are not entitled to VI support from local school systems and may need assistance/support for direct instruction, material ordering, technology training and consultation with staff.
  • Other unique situations may arise, where contracting is the solution.

Equal Eyes Vision Services provides quality services at competitive rates.

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